Marvin Repinski: My average is getting better

Published 5:38 pm Friday, July 22, 2022

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“From the rising of the sun to its setting, my Name shall be great among the nations, and in every place, incense shall be offered to my Name, and a pure offering; for my Name shall be great among the nations, says the Lord of hosts.” (The Bible, Malachi 1:11)

A deep sorrow haunts the larger world. We are in a time that we may call an apocalyptic crisis. Our world, it seems, has issues on every continent that seldom has been experienced in such extremities: floods, fire, tornadoes, forces of wind, heat, and relentless fear and suffering. The health of a world population is at stake. Added to all of the calamities, is the criminal and vengeful action. No areas where human beings live is exempt.

Into this maelstrom of distress I wish to bang my drum louder in the interest of balance, compassion, sanity, and whatever wisdom can be shared. The majority of our population is still, I believe, seeking to live above the darkness. That is, to fasten in their lives the will to not just survive, but to continue a movement toward improvement, decency, and tolerance.

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In the face of anguish, danger, hurt, and destruction, we must not give up or give in. Hearts and minds made strong with resolve and tapping our best resources is our option.

In my past teaching at Riverland College in Austin, I shared my thoughts on what I termed life prescriptions. They are the definitions, contrasts and agreeable words that speak a language that fortifies me. And you? We live with strength by embracing certain practices that will not fail us. They will not fail us in these desperate times. Please apply those words that you are convinced will assist your life. Beautiful terms and actions, practices; our companions will outlast the darkness.

My life is enlarged, made more durable to the extent that I reflect this partial list included below.

Average, a word in the title of this essay, is certainly commendable, but we may desire to move some steps toward a larger horizon.

I have before me a page written for the recruitment of young girls to the Girl Scout organization. My memory as a former Boy Scout, (Oh, how long ago) reminds me of a similar statement.


I will do my best

to be honest and fair,

friendly and helpful,

considerate and caring,

courageous and strong, and

responsible for what I say and do,

and to

respect myself and others,

respect authority,

use resources wisely,

make the world a better place, and

to be a sister to every Girl Scout.

It’s not only to note how praiseworthy this promise is, but to recognize and say thank you to the adults who uphold this organization with their efforts! Added to that thank you is all of us extending our appreciation to the many other groups, clubs, churches, political and athletic organizations that say, “Our youth, hopefully, is our most important age group of our communities.” Yes, we will have the world we desire when our youth are given our support.

While affirming some splendid traditions in other religions, I write as a Christian. The congruent and overlapping teachings, creeds, and practices have more in common than differences. We best lift up those life-enhancing goals which are part of the world that desires to go beyond the average!

One of the statements of belief stated in some of the Christian communities is as follows:

“We believe in the one God who gives us life as creator, and affirm that we are called to be witnesses to this creator God in the world. We believe that God wants the best for us. We admit that we sometimes thwart God’s desires for us. We affirm that our history is filled with God’s attempts to break through to us and help us back onto the right track of love and care. We recognize God’s loving presence with us as our ancestors searched for the promised land. We acknowledge God’s care shining through the personal stories of Ruth, Hosea, Jeremiah and Mary. We celebrate God’s full revelation in the miracle of Jesus Christ. We pledge to take our salvation history seriously as we approach a new season. We believe God helps us in our caring and courage in our journey.”