Our Opinion: Austin proves again to be welcoming

Published 5:51 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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What a joy it was to see the outpouring of support for Sunday’s first ever Pride Fest, held in downtown Austin.

In recent years the community and the City of Austin has boasted just how welcoming it is to those people visiting or coming to live  in Austin. That welcoming spirit was on full display with this marvelous event that also helps celebrate National Pride Month this June.

Acceptance is something we should all want to be a part of, but the sad reality is that many people throughout our nation’s history have been forced to the outside looking in to the American dream.

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Sunday’s Pride Fest, complete with its spectacular turn out, is proof that we are ready as a community and a society to fully accept the LGBTQ+ community and that there are those who are willing to step up in that support to fully embrace these equal citizens of our community.

Our hope for the future is that everybody can feel comfortable enough to step out from the shadows and live the life they want to live and love the person they want to love.

Society has a long way to go, but in Austin at least, we are taking big strides forward to continue embracing all people who want to make our community a better place, living under one rainbow of acceptance.