Letter to the Editor: Carl Jung’s words hang true today

Published 9:27 am Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Well over 100 years prior to now a learned man, Carl Jung, a psychiatrist, spiritualist, DEEP thinker  and a brilliant man came to a conclusion that is relevant today in our very divided nation. I think of my grandparents, who all came to this country for a “better life.” Now, just over 100 years since their arrival, we are a country at war with one another and way TOO much of it seems to be based on skin color.  Being Sicilian, I am 2% Sub Saharan African … how is it that the amount of melanin in one’s skin is a target of such hatred?

I hope Jung’s observations can be seen in where we are at today: “We have no imagination for evil, but evil has us in its grip. Some do not want to know this, and others are identified with evil. That is the psychological situation in the world today: some call themselves Christian and imagine that they can trample so-called evil underfoot by merely willing to; others have succumbed to it and no longer see the good. Evil today has become a visible Great Power. One half of humanity battens and grows strong on a doctrine fabricated by human rationalizing; the other half sickens from the lack of a myth commensurate with the situation. The Christian nations have come to a sorry pass; their Christianity slumbers and has neglected to develop its myth further in the course of the centuries … Our myth has become mute, and gives no answers … but we stand empty-handed, bewildered, and perplexed, and cannot even get it into our heads that no myth will come to our aid although we have such urgent need of one … but we know no way out, and very few persons indeed draw the conclusion that this time the issue is the long-since-forgotten soul of man.”

Roberta Mistretta

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Austin, MN