Continuing on in Faith: Pacelli holds 2022 commencement

Published 9:06 pm Wednesday, June 1, 2022

With a slightly different look, Pacelli Catholic School held its 2022 commencement Wednesday night at St. Augustine Catholic Church.

In total, 15 students graduated.

Rather than simply holding the commencement ceremony like in year’s past, the night started off with a mass to celebrate the event with Father James Steffes telling graduates how far they’ve come and reminding them of who will be with them after their schooling.

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“The first time you were addressed you were in first grade,” Steffes told them. “You have matured greatly. Wherever you are next year, know the shepherd knows his sheep.”

“Jesus calls upon us all,” he added.

After the mass, the graduates were honored with a prevailing theme carried throughout by both Principal Kane Malo and the students themselves.

That theme was balanced on three principles that have been taught to students throughout their journey with Pacelli: Scholarship, service and faith.

Malo urged students to continue learning in all facets of their lives and to serve others. He also urged students to hold onto their faith.

“As you prepare to fly the coop … faith is the most important thing we at Pacelli have instilled,” Malo said. “Your names are forever etched in the Pacelli family of alumni. Let your light shine in the darkness.”

Salutatorian Miranda Rojas congratulated her classmates on this momentous occasion.

“Here we are accomplishing one of the many accomplishments in our lives,” she said. 

Rojas told students and family that she believed her fellow classmates would accomplish great things based on what has carried them through their years at Pacelli.

“I believe we are ready to take on the world with our talents,” Rojas said. “Life is a journey. All accomplishments in our life should take us to the starting point of new accomplishments.”

Finally, leading up to the presentation of diplomas, Valedictorian Caitlin Drees returned to the theme of faith.

It was a profound wish for the graduates that she hoped would stay with them for the rest of their lives.

“Our faith is the foundation on which we should build our lives,” she said.