Charges: Motorcyclist clocked at 144 mph said he was going fast ‘because it was hot’

Published 4:25 pm Thursday, June 16, 2022

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By Tim Nelson

A 22-year-old motorcyclist is facing multiple charges after an Olmsted County sheriff’s deputy reported clocking him driving by at 144 mph on Tuesday. The man allegedly said he was driving that fast to cool down on the sweltering hot day.

Noah Doherty of Pine Island, Minn., is charged with reckless driving, obstructing legal process and driving with a revoked license after the traffic stop in Rochester.

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According to a criminal complaint, the deputy was on patrol outside Rochester and saw a motorcycle go by at extremely high speed, measured at more than 140 mph. The deputy decided the risk of pursuing the rider was too high, but later spotted the motorcycle again in Rochester and initiated a traffic stop.

The complaint alleges the rider demanded to know the reason for the stop, then tried to drive off, prompting the deputy to grab the rider, who then pinned the deputy against the side of his squad car with the motorcycle. The deputy threatened to use his Taser to stop the rider, and eventually handcuffed the rider and arrested him.

The deputy eventually identified the rider as Doherty, who allegedly told the deputy that he had been driving fast to cool down because the day was hot. The high temperature in Rochester on Tuesday was 95 degrees.

Doherty also allegedly said he’d been wearing headphones as he rode, and said the confrontation was the fault of the deputy.

Doherty made a first court appearance on Wednesday and has since been released, pending another hearing in July. Court records indicate he has at least two other speeding convictions since 2017, and four other recent driving-after-revocation convictions.