Sarah Lysne: The joy of telling the truth

Published 5:46 pm Friday, May 6, 2022

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Here is the first truth I am going to tell you, I have never read the whole Bible.

I’m kind of disappointed with myself. I thought by age 55, I would have accomplished that, but I haven’t. I am currently reading the Gospels.

I have a second truth to share. I think organized religion can be very divisive.

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That being said, I have always gone to church, and I continue to do so.I have attended three different denominations during my lifetime, but my biggest concern today is to surround myself with people who are loving and accepting.

When we begin to tell the truth about our lives, we are being real. We are not holding back our true feelings out of fear of being rejected or fear of hurting someone’s feelings. We just tell the truth. It seems simple, but it isn’t. I am not proposing that we start arguments with each other, but I also believe in saying, “We will have to agree to disagree.” I don’t think we should pretend to agree with someone when we don’t.

Many of us go through life thinking that we shouldn’t share our soul-felt feelings. We shouldn’t make waves. But, how can we be authentic if nobody really knows who we are?

A professional storyteller, the late Mike Cotter used to say, “When we begin to tell the truth about our lives, we open a window into our soul.”

That’s something to think about.