Paid Political Letter: Elect Richard Painter for U.S. Congress

Published 5:50 pm Friday, May 20, 2022

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Richard Painter supports the issues that affect the lives of individuals and families in Minnesota’s First Congressional District

• Drastically increased federal support for generating wind and solar power for Minnesota and the around the nation;

• Putting blame for “inflation” where it belongs and enforcing antitrust laws against monopolistic price fixing by big food and energy corporations;

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• Increased federal support for family farms;

• Emergency relief for farmers from drought and flooding in a time of severe weather and climate change;

• A progressive income tax and guaranteed earned income for all working Americans;

• A women’s right to choose;

• Freedom to marry;

• Sensible regulation of firearms;

• Protecting clean water, Minnesota’s most valuable asset;

• Single payer health insurance as an affordable choice for all Americans. (The rest of the industrialized world has it, why can’t we?); and

• Federal funding of low cost or free public higher education and trade school. (ditto)

Do you really know what the other candidates support?

Don’t assume that all candidates support these same DFL values — make sure you get answers on the issues from ANY candidate you are thinking of supporting. Our members of Congress should work for the voters, not the other way around.  Vote for Richard Painter on or before Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Brad Trom

Blooming Prairie, MN