Our Opinion: Flowers offer welcome

Published 6:42 pm Tuesday, May 31, 2022

One of the surest signs of summer in Austin is one of the most vibrant ones.

Any stroll downtown has likely resulted in your attention being drawn to the many light poles and the colorful flowers suspended beneath.

The Flower Basket Program certainly isn’t a new thing, but rather a longstanding tradition that has become a major part of downtown Austin in the summer.

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Largely funded by citizen donation, the flower program has been a colorful marker of welcome, not only for those living in our city, but those who visit as well.

Being welcoming has been a driver in Austin for years now, ensuring that everybody who either visits or puts down roots feels like a part of the community. The flower baskets are one such way the community does this and this year is just as bright as those before it.

If the flowers do nothing else, it should remind people to be happy. These days things can get away from us pretty quickly, but a simple walk among such beautiful flowers can help at the very least sooth away some of those stresses.

We urge you to take a walk downtown on a sunny day and enjoy the light and aromas the flower baskets bring to Austin. This invitation goes out to everybody. Not only for those stopping downtown for a visit to the Spam Museum or to get a bite to eat, but those of us who live in Austin.

As always, it’s a welcome addition to downtown Austin and a testament to all of those involved who want to put the community’s best foot forward.