Letter to the Editor: People need to think of the whole picture

Published 5:52 pm Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Would someone explain to me why the “right to life” factions only want life for the two-legged homo sapiens? They don’t seem to understand the connectedness of ALL species on our planet. What about the right to life for our polar bears who continue to lose habitat due to man-made climate chaos? And destruction of the rain forests throughout the globe and all the inhabitants thereof? How about our killing off plant species that potentially could offer cures for a myriad of diseases? We have ignored the teachings of science for way too many decades so that this knowledge of the need for ALL living animals and plants has taken us down this narcissistic road of believing only mankind is valuable to the web of life. We need to consider quality of life, not quantity. I say that because this is a finite planet that cannot possibly support an infinite number of more of us humans!  What kind of quality of life will these babies born today have when by 2050 75% of us worldwide won’t have enough water for all our various needs?

So to all of these “pro-life” people, consider what life will be like when your children born today are decades older. Food scarcity will be at levels unheard of due to climate disruption. Nuts, fruits, vegetables need water to grow, yet already the Southwest is running out of water. Every airplane that goes up today causes 100 YEARS of Co2 in the atmosphere, thereby increasing the disasters that potentially could occur because of climate chaos. Our tax dollars are STILL trying to “fix” Hurricane Katrina!

What kind of jobs will there be when robots will be doing more than ever imagined?   Not every “baby” born today will become a lawyer, doctor, or Wall Street fund manager … the manufacturing jobs are overseas. This concept of “Make America Great Again” is a ruse. We CANNOT bring back manufacturing as we had in the 1950s. People  won’t be willing to pay the prices of goods if we did that.

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Again — NO ONE is forcing anyone to have an abortion, but for the poor women who are raped, who then are forced to have a child they can’t possibly afford to raise, to house, to feed, to give needed medical care and education — where will those babies be in as they grow older? Too many already are on the streets with weapons, with gangs being their only family. Think about it! Not a good future for anyone.  Too many of these babies of disenfranchised women have no hope for a future, they are minorities, poor and most have “fathers” who have split. So, the taxpayers, (not the 1% mind you) are footing the bill in an attempt to help and it’s TOO LATE for all too many of these kids who then become adults living on welfare, at best. Life is hard enough when a baby has a loving family, two parents, a good education and opportunities as an adult.

So, again, think about the holistic consequences for all involved.

Roberta Mistretta

Austin, MN