Letter to the Editor: Loud music interrupts the chance to dine

Published 7:02 pm Friday, April 15, 2022

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Will there ever again be a day when one can go out to enjoy a nice relaxing meal without having to listen to loud music? I don’t go out to eat to be forced to hear a concert. If I wanted to hear a concert I would buy concert tickets instead of pasta primavera!

There was a time when places we would go would be considered “fine dining.”

We have asked to have the music turned OFF (turning it down doesn’t help at all since you then hear only bass noise. Whatever happened to high fidelity?) they say “we’ll have to ask the kitchen staff.” WHAT?? Are they paying for our meal?

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I can only hope they recognize the importance of their paying customer and not give in to loud raucous noise. Again, restaurants are not concert venues!

Roberta Mistretta

Austin, MN