Austin’s Baker attends Chamber Day at the Capitol

Published 7:17 pm Friday, April 29, 2022

Geoff Baker, President and COO of McFarland Truck Lines and Board Member of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, attended Chamber Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, April 20, with the Minnesota Chamber.

They met with legislators to discuss the ramifications of not stabilizing Minnesota’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund and other issues impacting businesses and the economy. McFarland Truck Lines is especially hit hard by this potential payroll tax increase, employing 154 people in the community.

“With an unprecedented surplus, it would be irresponsible for businesses to take on a significant payroll tax increase. Not solving this problem by the April 29 deadline would hurt Minnesota’s economic outlook significantly,” said Doug Loon, President and CEO of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. “It’s amazing what can be done when real business people show up and make their voices heard to legislators.”

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At the 2022 Chamber Day at the Capitol, 100 participants included local chambers and businesses from throughout Minnesota. Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (R – Winona) discussed issues with the group, as did other legislators with key committee assignments including Senators Rich Draheim (R – Madison Lake), Carla Nelson (R – Rochester), and Representative Barb Haley (R – Red Wing). After hearing from the state leaders and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the audience had scheduled appointments with their state leaders.

“Not fixing UI will have massive implications on McFarland Truck Lines,” Baker said. “Our payroll tax will increase 234% despite employing people throughout the pandemic. Hopefully, our presence at the Capitol made it clear how important this issue is to our community.”