Annual Harris Music Contest featured, celebrated young musicians

Published 1:06 pm Thursday, April 7, 2022

On March, 5, area young musicians competed in the annual Harris Music Contest, part of the music programming within the mission of the Hormel Historic Home.  

The competition began in 2012 as a way for the historic house museum to further music appreciation and education for area youth. 

Harris Music Contest is named after MarySue Hormel Harris, who donates to the Hormel Historic Home to fund music programming at the HHH for our community.  MarySue is the granddaughter of Ben F. Hormel, George A. Hormel’s youngest brother.

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 Following the contest, the community was invited to a free performance at the Historic Paramount Theatre, where the top two performers in each age and instrument category performed.  Awards were presented to all who placed following the concert. 

 Piano Honorees

 Ages 6-8

Honorable Mention: Aveda Galle/ Penelope Frank

Runner Up: Simon Phillips

The Hunters by David Carr Glover

Champion: Xinzhu Xiang

Fuego de la Pasión by Wynn-Anne Rossi

 Ages 9-11

Honorable Mention: Yuhan Wang/ Chit Su

Runner Up: Sophia Frank

German Dance by Joseph Haydn

Champion: George Yang

Rondo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

 Ages 12-14

Honorable Mention: Clair Pepper / Leon Ma

Runner Up: Maria Kim Vu

Album for the Young Op. 68, No. 30  by Robert Schumann

Champion: Abraham Phillips

Prelude from Suite Bergamasque by Claude Debussy

 Ages 15-18

Honorable Mention: Rory Pollock / Alayna Kennedy

Runner Up: Abigail Brand

Allegretto by Franz Schubert

Champion: Blake Zimmerli

Gai Printemps by Mel Bonis

Melodic Instrument Honorees

 Ages 6-11

Honorable Mention: Callie McRae (strings) / Julia Niethammer (strings)

Runner Up: Ellie Nelson, Violin

Long Long Ago with Variation by T.H. Bayly

Champion: Jude Krusemark, violin

Humoresque  by A. Dvorak 

 Ages 12-14

Honorable Mention: Ella Diaz (marimba) / Leon Ma (flute)

Runner Up: Eleanor Harthan, woodwind

Siciliana & Giga by GF Handel

Champion: Emma Stanley, Flute

Andalouse by Emile Pessard

 Ages 15-18

Honorable Mention: Shepard Goossen (string) / Mikayla Berg  (Mallet Percussion)

Runner Up: Blake Zimmerli (marimba)

A Cricket Sang and Set the Sun by Blake Tyson

Champion: Medea Joetten (violin)

Scène de Ballet by Charles-Auguste de Bériot

 Special thanks to area music teachers who encouraged their students to study, practice, and participate:

William Arnold, Cheryl Berglund, Kathryn Bisanti, Aimee Chalmers,

Holly Dalager, Joyce Edland, Erin Grush, Linda Hoeppner, Lynee Larson, Sonia Larson, Soojin Lee, Rebecca Merblum, Madison Nelson, Nikki Phillips, Sue Radloff, Peggy Reich, Gene Schott and Lorene Strobel.