Sarah Lysne: The joy of finding a treasure

Published 6:00 pm Friday, March 18, 2022

As I mentioned in a recent column, my husband and I moved to a new home months ago, but we are still unpacking boxes and most of them are mine.

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Last week my mom and I opened a box and found 22 faded, handmade cards. “What are these?” my mom asked.  I knew exactly what they were. I had been wondering when we would come across these.  The cards were 47 years old, which is difficult for me to comprehend. How could it be 47 years since I was in second grade?  I remember so many details about that year.

When I was eight years old, I had to have my appendix removed. I was brave, and the surgery went well, but I had to stay in the hospital for five days.

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One day my mom arrived with a large gold envelope addressed to me.  I remember opening the envelope and finding lots of cards.

Each of my second grade classmates had made a special card for me.  One of the cards even included a dot to dot for me to complete.

My mom was not surprised that I still had the cards because I am a very sentimental person, but I think my second grade teacher was surprised!

A few years ago,  I had the good fortune of running into my second grade teacher when she was visiting her mother at a residential care facility in Austin.  We had exchanged emails so I contacted her to let her know that I had found the cards.

I guess at the time, she never would have imagined that her act of kindness would still be felt 47 years later.

Thank you Mrs Berven!