Our opinion: Compromise needed to move forward on violence

Published 6:21 pm Friday, February 4, 2022

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The shooting at South Education Center in Richfield this week once again brought the matter of increased violence to the forefront of Minnesotan’s thinking.

While the continued epidemic of violence continues to be a growing problem in the state, it becomes increasingly important for leaders to find common goals, not simply be content to take stands that will ensure reelection.

It’s easy to stand and be measured in absolutes, but both sides need to be willing to bend to some degree. All options must be on the table and through talking and cooperation legislators must be willing to come to compromise for the safety of us all.

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They must also be willing to accept that what works for one place may not work for another. Where metal detectors might be warranted in some places, elsewhere it would not make fiscal or logical sense.

What can’t keep happening is a continuation of the circle that sees little of any substance accomplished.

The reality is, if there isn’t a greater conversation involving schools, legislators and law enforcement we will see the circle complete another cycle. Students should be able to go to school and be educated in a safe manner, without thoughts of violence, or worse yet actual violence.

Schools are meant to be safe and to that end we can all take part in helping maintain safety.

If you see something, say something. Go to a teacher, go to law enforcement. The Austin Police Department and Austin Public Schools have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship that only strengthens a community.

Both liaison officers have established a rapport and relationship with both staf and students and should be considered a safe avenue should something be witnessed or heard.

As we advance together, we are all one people and we will need to continue being one people if we are to make any kind of dent in this circle of violence.