Man charged with criminal sexual contact with minor

Published 5:30 pm Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A man, who attempted to take his own life after an alleged sexual encounter with a teen, has been charged with one felony count of criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Jesse Manabusan, 33, was charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct with a victim under 14 on Thursday, Feb. 17, in Mower County District Court.

Jesse Manabusan, 33

According to court documents, Manabusan is accused of allegedly having sex with the victim, who was known to him, after he was discovered with the victim by an adult female who reported it to police.

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Court documents relate that police were dispatched to a possible case of sexual harassment at around 2:51 a.m. on Feb. 3, making contact with the teen after knocking on the front door. Moments later, the girl’s mother arrived and told police that Manabusan was harassing the victim. When asked to explain further, the mother said Manabusan was having sex with the girl.

Police then questioned the victim, who said that Manabusan had raped her earlier that day and had been drinking.

After Manabusan was discovered with the girl, the adult female attempted to take the victim and other kids in the house and go to the police, but Manabusan allegedly didn’t allow her to take the victim.

When police investigated the residence where the act allegedly took place, they found Manabusan in the shower, with the shower curtain drawn. After repeated attempts to get him out of the shower, an officer pulled back the curtain to find a cord wrapped around Manabusan’s neck and the other end tied around the handle of the shower.

The officer cut the cord and then removed it from around Manabusan’s neck. Court documents stated that Manabusan was breathing and moaning but not speaking; however, as he began to recover he started to struggle and repeatedly started slamming his head into the wall as hard as he could.

He was later transported to Mower County Jail, but because of his condition was taken to Mayo Clinic Health Services-Austin.

He is currently being held in Mower County Jail on $500,000 bail.