Letter to the Editor: Public encouraged to attend Township Day

Published 5:54 pm Friday, February 11, 2022

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All township residents have a direct voice and a direct vote with their local government. On Tuesday, March 8, townships will hold their annual meetings on “Township Day.” Make sure to attend to make your voice heard!

The tradition of a town meeting has roots in colonial America. New England town meetings gave citizens a way to exercise local authority. Those meetings were especially important in the development of democracy because it emphasized problem-solving through group efforts.

Growing from this historic background, we are still effective as “grassroots government.” Residents participate in discussion and a direct vote on the tax levy, and many townships will be electing new officers.

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We encourage every township resident to attend your annual meeting — together we’ll shape the future. Mark your calendar for March 8, and find the location and time by checking your local newspaper or contacting your township clerk and invite your neighbors to the annual meeting on Township Day.

Jeff Krueger

Executive Director


Association of Townships

St. Michael,