Letter to the Editor: Politicians allow for continued debt

Published 5:18 pm Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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State and federal senators and representatives allow our government and citizens to be forced into debt so that money can exist.

This debt must constantly grow, can never be paid, increases our costs of living, reduces our purchasing power, makes it harder and harder for most to make ends meet and to save, and creates growing dependency among the citizenry.

Enabling this debt is the cause of most of the economic problems and needs these ‘leaders’ believe they are attempting to help with. Their newsletters shine with the pride of their efforts to deal with the debt consequences by getting money for all kinds of special interest needs.

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This group. That person. That group. This person. This “help” and “bill passing” is not what our “misleaders” swore an oath to do as both actions serve special interests. Neither promotes the general welfare. Forced indebtedness is the antithesis of America’s freedom foundation, a violation of our 13th Amendment protection against involuntary servitude; a destroyer of freedom and independence.

Gregory Soderberg

Austin, MN