Pay It Forward accepting essays for next project

Published 5:18 pm Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Pay It Forward is now accepting essays for its annual bathroom renovation project.

People are encouraged to include in the essay, the subject’s story, who they are, how many in the family, what is wrong with the bathroom and how Pay It Forward can help.

Essays should be around 500 words to thoroughly explain the backstory and needs of the person or family. You should also include at least two pictures of the bathroom so Pay It Forward can see the potential project.

This year is Pay it Forward’s ninth project. The projects started in September of 2014, when Pay It Forward created a bathroom giving space and freedom to Jason Ferch, who was wheelchair bound. Ferch had quietly dealt with the restrictiveness of his bathroom for over 14 years and was deserving of a change.

Shannon, his wife, had said that there were times Ferch would go into his bathroom and could be in there for an hour, just because he had the freedom to move and enjoy the personalized space.

Each year Pay It Forward has met incredible people on this amazing journey to complete the project in just one week. Pay It Forward looks forward to coming together again in this community plight to change more lives.

Submissions should be entered by Jan. 31. Winners will be selected and the announcement will come in early February for this March project.

This year’s project is dedicated to the memory of Karen Zech and Timmy Burkey, past project recipients.