Our Opinion: Give the gift of blood

Published 5:15 pm Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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A troubling story regarding blood supplies came out Monday that reflected an immense need.

According to a Minnesota Public Radio story, Minnesota’s blood supply has dropped by 10%.

The reasons vary, but a couple include many not donating because of fears for their own health during the time of COVID, and a rise in violence and car accidents, which have come together to strip the supply.

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“We have had more penetrating trauma, gun shot wounds and knife wounds, as of the end of August than we did in all of 2019,” said Dr. Jed Gorlin of Memorial Blood Centers in the MPR story. “So, sadly this is not just a problem of decreased donations. This is also increased usage.”

The American Red Cross relies on donations from the public to keep its supplies up and this year they need those donations now more than ever.

Each year in our area, the American Red Cross holds several blood donation events in very accessible areas. We hope you will continue giving and if you haven’t given before, maybe you’ll consider starting.

This life-giving offering ensures that there is a healthy supply of blood for those who need it.

Who knows, there may come a time when you yourself are in need of blood.