Letter: How to navigate the crisis in Ethiopia

Published 5:37 pm Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Dear Editor,

I urge you to support:

• The democratically elected government of Ethiopia and work towards an immediate withdrawal and disarmament of TPLF forces, who initiated the conflict and continued their atrocities into the neighboring regions.

• The demand for cessation of attacks against aid routes by the TPLF and repurposing of aid trucks for their insurgency efforts.


• Representative Malinowski’s language on Ethiopia in the NDAA. It is contrary to the central conclusions of UN-OHCHR’s report. This amendment ignores established facts where the OHCHR did not find evidence to support the claim of genocide.

• Senator Coons’ Ethiopia language in S. 3075, the Senate FY 2022 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill.

• Delisting Ethiopia from AGOA as this will impact thousands of lives.


Ojoye Akane

Austin, MN 55912