Pacelli HS student named Kiwanis Student of the Month

Published 6:26 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Austin Noon Kiwanis has selected Javier Rodriquez Cifuentes, a senior at Pacelli High School, as their Student of the Month.

Javier Rodriquez Cifuentes

“I’ve taken post-secondary classes through Riverland Community College as well as participated in the R-STEP (Riverland Science Technology Engineering Prep) program,” Javier said of his education. “I also participated in the CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program. It was a fantastic experience that educated me on the process of running a business. After graduating from the program, I was selected to be a board member. I have a particular interest in Language Arts and have had the opportunity to take advanced courses at Pacelli prior to attending PSEO at Riverland. “

Javier has been involved in a number of different activities both in and out of school. Some of these activities include choir, drama, volleyball, track and field, and cross country.

“This year I was one of the captains for the cross country team,” he said. “I’ve also volunteered on many occasions for school services as well as for the community such as helping out at the Pacelli Booster Club Spaghetti Dinner, volunteering at Sunny’s Ice Cream Truck during community events, and staying after school to help coach my fellow students in volleyball.”

Javier said he plans to make use of local educational opportunities after high school.

“I plan on attending Riverland Community College through the help of the Austin Assistance Scholarship and completing my generals,” Javier said. “I’m then hoping to transfer to a university to pursue a degree in Fire Science. I want to eventually become a firefighter after receiving my education.”

In addition, Javier said, “The person who has had the most notable impact on me has been Mr. Jayden Lewis.  Jayden is a former Pacelli student who graduated in 2020. He has influenced my perspective on the way I view life in a positive way. His attitude towards every situation is phenomenal and it inspires me to think the same way. Above all, his work ethic is what I appreciate most. His passion and dedication for everything he does in both athletics and academics is a strong source of inspiration for me.”