Letter to the Editor: Does the ‘unvaccinated naturally immune’ pose a threat to anyone?

Published 5:50 pm Tuesday, November 2, 2021

We understand the political pressure large employers are under to aggressively press forward with immunity. Mayo is likely one of the few large employers in the world that is uniquely qualified and equipped to stand up for this unsupported class of worker.

Dream with me for a moment. What if Mayo took a leadership role, and was the first  among large employers to offer natural immunity testing to their unvaccinated employees? What if this testing showed that 30-50% of those employees were found to be naturally immune? Would that likely relieve the pressure on Mayo to terminate these thousands of employees?

Would offering natural immunity testing to other large employers present a huge opportunity for Mayo, the world and tens of thousands of other anxious employees desperate to save their jobs? The long term value of such a positive move should prove quite valuable to Mayo.

And at the other end of the problem, proving to the unvaccinated that they truly are not immune through a natural immunity test would offer them a huge positive incentive to get vaccinated. Education and vaccination could then be easily targeted to the very people that are creating the problem.

If the goal here truly is an immune workforce, please help us help Mayo and the world. Please offer natural immunity testing to your unvaccinated employees.

Because honestly, does the naturally immune unvaccinated really pose a threat to anyone?

Marty Hanson

Rochester, MN