Fundraiser invites diners to the very table the Hormel family enjoyed their meals at

Published 5:53 pm Friday, November 5, 2021

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Not long after she started at the Hormel Historic Home, Executive Director Cindy Meany had an idea for a fundraiser.

Encouraged by Austin Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Elaine Hansen to come up with something unique, Meany went back in time to give people a direct dining experience connected to Lillian Hormel herself.

“The historic part comes from the fact that they are dining at the table that belonged to George and Lillian [Hormel],” Meany said. “It was here in 1901. Think about the conversations that took place around that table and the making of the Hormel company.”

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The newly created Lillian’s Table had its trial run on Oct. 29, and featured a luxurious array of foods that included a welcome plate, pre course, main course, accompaniments and a dessert drink. The decadence of the meal was evident in the filet mignon with garlic herb butter and the apple bread pudding served with warm rum sauce.

Get a taste of what Lillian’s Table has to offer:

As word spread about uniquely offered Lillian’s Table, interest quickly expanded, with Meany receiving several phone calls inquiring about events in the near future.

“We’re expecting to have a lot of Lillian’s Tables booked here in the future,” Meany said. “It’s meant to be lunch Monday through Friday, however, in talking to people … I had requests for New Year’s Eve and the day after Christmas.”

Meany said that if there is staff willing to work, Lillian’s Table is willing to entertain most any dining request. Through The experience, Meany will help guide people through the menu selection, helping to make sure diners get the meal they are hoping for.

“It’s about creating an experience that’s unforgettable,” Meany said.

The price of the meal is $60 per person for groups of a minimum of six and maximum of eight. The price includes everything in one bill and opens up people for a prime dining experience like none other, which is further sparked by the connection to Hormel herself.

“Lillian is a very big inspiration to me the more I learn about her and knowing how passionate she was about cooking and entertaining,” Meany said.

Lillian’s Table is also an opportunity for Meany to share her own culinary skills. For a number of years in the early 2000s, Meany had her own catering business and now she’s looking forward to sharing that love of food with guests of the Hormel Historic Home.

“It’s a way to showcase my creativity and incorporate something that I’m super passionate about with the parts I already love about my job,” Meany said.

The future looks bright for this new fundraiser, as 100% of funds raised go toward the historic home.

Diners will sit at a literal piece of history and dine on extravagance during a one-of-a-kind dining adventure.

“Lillian’s Table is a way to showcase the home and have an over-the-top dining experience,” Meany said.