Victim in bar shooting identified as St. Paul woman, 27

Published 1:22 pm Monday, October 11, 2021

ST. PAUL — The woman who was killed in a weekend shootout at a St. Paul bar was identified Monday as a 27-year-old from St. Paul.

Marquisha D. Wiley was killed early Sunday when gunfire broke out at the Seventh Street Truck Park bar, police said. Fourteen other people, including three suspects, were were wounded and are expected to survive. Three men were arrested at the hospital and will be booked into jail after they are discharged.

The suspects had not been charged by early Monday. Authorities were still investigating what led to the shootout.

“We have a very busy bar, a lot of people just enjoying themselves and then we had a few individuals who decided to pull out guns and pull the trigger indiscriminately, with no regard for human life,” police spokesman Steve Linders said Sunday. “And I think about the poor woman who was just out enjoying herself.

“One minute she’s dancing, smiling and laughing, and the next she’s dying in friend’s arms. It’s nothing short of a tragedy.”

The Seventh Street Truck bar is in an entertainment district just south of the Xcel Energy Center, where the NHL’s Minnesota Wild play. Linders said he doesn’t recall any recent previous calls for police service to Seventh Street Truck Park bar.

“It’s just not on our radar as a spot where we see this type of thing,” Linders said. “We don’t see this type of thing anywhere.”