Guest Commentary: The Power of Minnesota’s Give to the Max Day

Published 6:19 pm Friday, October 29, 2021

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Minnesotans are some of the most generous people in the nation. We donate to organizations that build stronger local communities, and when disaster strikes we rally. We step up quickly and help  in concrete ways: donating money, food, clothing, household goods and our time. We join our neighbors and clean up debris from their yards in our neighborhoods. We saw the giving  nature of Minnesotans repeatedly in 2020 as communities responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to systemic racism evidenced by events like the murder of Mr. George Floyd’s in Minneapolis. In fact, 2020 was a record-setting year of donations for Give to the Max Day (GTMD). 

This year’s annual GTMD is on Nov. 18, and provides a great opportunity to put your values into  action by providing financial support to an organization providing solutions in an area important to  you. Visit, and with just a few clicks you can select the causes you care about, and  send the critical support needed to help organizations remain resilient in serving our communities!

It’s no secret that the past two years have been filled with what feels like relentless challenges.  And Minnesotans have consistently stepped to the plate to support pandemic-related causes in  the same way we often respond to weather-related disasters, through a common pattern of  community engagement — strong short-term giving that ramps up the first few weeks, but then  drops off as the distractions of our everyday life resume.

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Just as it can take a community years to rebuild after a tornado or hurricane, systemic challenges  including racism, homelessness, hunger, and our ongoing response to the pandemic can’t be  resolved overnight. Ongoing support and giving is crucial to ensure our communities remain vibrant and strong. Year after year, Minnesotans have proven that they are committed to GTMD  and directing their generosity to organizations that bring their values to life in local communities.  And this year, we will do it again.

Thousands of nonprofit organizations throughout our state are working to provide solutions to  our most complex community challenges, and they need our support more than ever. In March of  2021, 30% of Minnesota’s nonprofits reported they had less than six months before they will exhibit financial distress. Fast forward more than six months to today, and the time for us to act is  now!

Even if you’re not directly impacted by some of the challenges our communities are experiencing,  we all have the power to act on our personal values and have a strong impact on the longer-term  resilience of our communities.

How can you do this? Find an organization that supports your values and get involved. Volunteer,  make a donation, learn more about the organization’s mission and how you can help.

Each of us has the power to act on our values to help keep Minnesota communities and their  residents strong and vibrant. When we come together to help our neighbors, we can help generate  longer-term resiliency in our communities

This year’s Give to the Max Day is Nov. 18. Early giving kicks off on November 1. Visit  GiveMN,org to check out their easy-to-use filtering tool to guide you to support an organization or several  organizations that are in line with your personal values.

Here’s the list of organizations from Austin who have registered to participate this year.  This is just a list of organizations who have let us know they are planning a campaign, but you can always search for any organization serving your town by searching for the name of your town at

• Friends of the Hormel Nature Center

• LIFE Mower County

• Math Masters of Minnesota

• Austin Area Foundation

• Mower County Humane Society

• KSMQ Public Service Media Inc.

• Mower County Historical Society