UW of Mower County annual fundraiser campaign underway

Published 5:29 pm Friday, September 17, 2021

The United Way of Mower County’s (UWMC) annual fundraising effort, which supports over 20 local nonprofits, has officially begun.

Each Community Campaign is vital in the way that funds raised ensure individuals in need can access critical resources. Like last year, the 2021 Community Campaign carries an added sense of urgency amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic. The fundraising goal has been set at $1,275,000.

“UWMC and our funded partners would like to thank the community once again for its support of the 2020  Community Campaign, which raised nearly $1,100,000. Your generosity allowed us to strategically reinvest those  funds in 38 local programs that provide life-changing services throughout Mower County” said UWMC Executive  Director Molly Lanke. “While we are proud of the results achieved throughout the past year, we know that the work  does not stop there. Many individuals are still struggling and need our help, and many nonprofits rely on UWMC  funding to be able to provide critical services to those in need.”

According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development’s latest report on the socio economic impacts of COVID-19 in Minnesota: 24% of households are struggling to pay for basic expenses, 9% of  families are experiencing childcare disruptions, 16% of individuals expect a loss of employment income, 6% of  households are experiencing food scarcity and hunger, and 28% of households are likely to receive eviction notices  in the next two months.

A donation to UWMC is an investment in programs that provide services in direct response to these statistics and impact community outcomes in a positive way. UWMC funded program examples include  community meals, childcare scholarships, rent and utility assistance, and job training and placement.

Donations to UWMC go further than a donation to a single nonprofit can. UWMC looks for service gaps and  duplications so that donor dollars go not only to the needs that everyone is aware of, but also to those that are less  obvious but no less important. An investment in UWMC is one that benefits the entire community, not just one  program, issue, or population.This support ultimately leads to a brighter future and a stronger place to call home.

When you give to the United Way of Mower County.

Children and youth are able to engage more in learning. With increased exposure to early educational  experiences and out-of-school opportunities, more kids will enter schools with fundamental learning skills on  a foundation for life-long success.

Individuals can connect with resources that increase their household income. When linked with training and  employment opportunities, the unemployed or underemployed in our area obtain skills that can foster a career and  ultimately kickstart their economic security.

People throughout the community become more self-sufficient. By getting easier access to affordable  healthcare, stable housing and available food, neighbors of ours can overcome the stressful, daily challenges of  meeting their basic needs.

Learn more at www.uwmower.org/campaign.

Get Involved

Give: You can trust United Way to stretch your dollar to all corners of Mower County and invest it where the  most significant impact will be made. Donate today for a better tomorrow at www.uwmower.org/donate.

Workplace Campaign: The United Way workplace campaign unites employees in all sectors by allowing  them to donate, volunteer, and speak out for causes that matter to them. Workplace campaigns are about  more than just raising money for worthy causes; they also strengthen connections between employees and  our community. Contact us for more information or to get started today.

Volunteer: It’s not just about monetary donations. Whether you join in on campaign planning to provide  strategic insights or spend a few hours a week preparing campaign materials, your time makes a difference.

In-Kind Donations: As we said, all donations are valuable to the United Way! Please reach out if you have  a non-monetary gift in mind.