Week in Review: Fair returns with a good turnout

Published 6:30 am Saturday, August 14, 2021

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We’re all happy the fair is back as it is another step toward normal.

We’re happy that kids got their 4-H opportunities, rides were ridden, and fair foods were consumed. People needed this and hopefully it bolstered people’s spirits during a tough year.

MSHSL gives back

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Nobody was really happy when the Minnesota State High School League announced a sudden jump in fees last year to make up for shortfalls created by the COVID-19 pandemic. While it was understandable that they would do this, many districts were upset by the lack of transparency in the decision, despite assurances that at some point it would provide relief of the higher fees.

Last week it did just that, spreading the wealth of just over $1.6 million in credits to the district to lower fees.

More catalytic converter lefts

A rash of catalytic converter thefts have swept through Mower County recently as thieves illegally harvest the parts for component metals that make up the car part.

These metals used in the part have skyrocketed in price and account for the reason they are stolen.

If you see anything suspicious we urge you to call law enforcement.

Gun group sues to carry concealed guns at State Fair.

We understandSecond Amendment rights, but we still have to ask — why? Why does one feel the need to carry concealed weapons at a fair? Those in favor of this  and in the suit itself will cry “protection,” but the crime that happens at the Minnesota State Fair hardly requires the need for ordinary citizens to carry concealed firearms at Minnesota’s Great Get Together.