Update: 2 charged in Friday police standoff

Published 6:10 pm Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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Two individuals have received criminal charges in connection to a Friday morning incident that led to a police standoff in Southeast Austin.

Ryan Christopher Collins, 32

Ryan Christopher Collins, 32, of Austin has been charged with felony second-degree drugs – possess 25 grams or more of cocaine or methamphetamine — and felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle.

Malika Shanequois D Jeffers, 26, has been charged with felony aiding an offender.

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According to Austin Police Chief David McKichan, police responded to a complaint of two vehicles chasing each other at about 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 20. An officer located one of those vehicles, a white 2005 Chevrolet Impala with a broken rear windshield and flat tire, in the area of Main Street and First Avenue Southeast. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, it fled from him for several blocks before parking. A male then fled into an apartment in the 400 block of Third Avenue Southeast.

It was apparent the Impala had been damaged by bullets.

Police, assisted by Mower County deputies, believed that the occupants of the apartment knew they were outside and spent some time giving them announcements attempting to get them to exit.

The court complaint states that an adult female, later identified as Jeffers, an adult male, and a child exited the apartment. Jeffers and the male said there was no one else in the apartment except other children. The children were placed into protective custody while Jeffers and the male were detained.

Terry Izeal Heggs, 38

While executing a search warrant, members of the Special Incident Response Team (SIRT) located about 45 grams of marijuana , but found no one else in the residence. They also found a 2008 Chevrolet Malibu that belonged to the male resident in the garage. Law enforcement was granted an amended search warrant to include the vehicle and located Collins hiding in the trunk. They also found three firearms (one of which was confirmed as reported stolen, according to McKichan), ammunition, a large amount of drugs and $995 in cash in the trunk.

After being read a Miranda warning, Collins told police he was hiding because he was afraid for his life. He denied running from the Impala and said he had not been in the house all day, having climbed into the trunk because he was on drugs.

Collins then said he was driving the Impala when “Magic” (later identified as Terry Izeal Heggs, 38, of Austin) started shooting at him from a white Porsche. He indicated Heggs was shooting at him because Heggs thought he had robbed him, saying that someone broke into Heggs’s house while Heggs was in jail and stole $10,000 in cash and three ounces of heroin. Collins explained that Heggs believed he stole $1,000 on a previous occasion (before Heggs was in jail). He said that Heggs saw him today while they were driving near the post office and that Heggs began following him as he tried to get away. Collins indicated he heard gunshots and he was chased by Heggs to the area of Godfather’s Pizza, where Heggs stopped chasing him.

At the time, Heggs was wearing a GPS monitor. Police found that Heggs’s location was consistent with where Collins reported being shot at.

Collins said he had a flat tire and went to a repair shop, but panicked and fled when he saw a police officer. He indicated he fled to Jeffers’s residence and told her the police were chasing him before getting into the trunk of the Malibu. He did not see the male at the residence when he was talking to Jeffers.

Malika Shanequois D Jeffers, 26

Collins denied knowing who the drugs and firearms in the trunk belonged to and denied having just robbed Heggs.

When asked why she did not report someone else being in the house, Jeffers told police she was not aware anyone else was in the house. She denied hiding Collins and denied knowledge of the marijuana found at the residence, as well as a trace amount of cocaine found in her possession and the drunks in trunk.

Police weighed the following drugs found in the trunk with Collins:

• A total of 25.5 grams of methamphetamine;

• A total of 4.97 grams of cocaine;

• A total of 4 grams of MDMA; and

• Approximately 53 grams of marijuana.

Police executed a search warrant later that day at Heggs’s residence in the 1000 block of Second Street Northwest. Heggs was located and arrested; however, the Porsche was not found.

After being read a Miranda warning, Heggs denied that he was driving the Porsche that day, even after he was told his GPS monitor had been in the same location as the reported shooting.

Heggs is currently being held at the Mower County Jail on a Department of Corrections hold; no formal charges stemming from the incident had been filed against him as of Tuesday afternoon.

The Porsche was later found and seized in the 900 block of 11th Avenue Southwest.

Collins and Jeffers will appear in court again on Sept. 2.