Sarah Lysne: The joy of seeing things from a new perspective

Published 6:30 am Saturday, August 21, 2021

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As I looked out my front window I could see my little black Suzuki. A feeling of sadness came over me because I missed driving the car. I liked the way it has a lot of pick up, and I could put a lot of things in the hatchback.

I think I also kind of felt like a college student because the car used to belong to my daughter. But, this disease of ALS has taken things away from me. I could be bitter about it, but that would only make myself and the people around me miserable. Instead, I decided to look at the gains that have happened with the onset of this disease.

I have lost the ability to drive, but I have gained the company of so many friends and family members as we travel to different destinations together.

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I have lost the ability to cook, but I have been blessed with wonderful meals made by family, and friends.

I have lost the ability to help take care of my son and daughter’s dogs, but I have been given the opportunity to get my own service dog.

I have lost my ability to do a lot of shopping and running errands, but I have used that time to spend outdoors learning about the wildlife in my own backyard.

I have lost the use of my singing voice, but I have learned to appreciate many different artists, and I listen to live music or music on my home stereo whenever I can.

I have lost the ability to take long walks with my walker, but I have gained the appreciation to still take long walks with a motorized scooter that has helped me to enjoy nature to the fullest.

I have lost the ability to type, but I have gained the knowledge of how to use dictation and have appreciated the help of friends to type this column.

I have struggled with my faith and asked the “why” question so many times, but I have been given the grace of friends who say “God will show you the way,” and they have been right.