Sarah Lysne: The joy of alternative forms of therapy – Part II

Published 6:30 am Saturday, August 7, 2021

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As I mentioned in my last column, there is not currently a cure for ALS. I take medication to help with the symptoms, but alternative forms of therapy continue to be hopeful options for managing this disease.

Supplements: My doctors have given me the OK to take the following supplements:  Protandim NF1 and Protandim NF2.  These two supplements helped one ALS patient with some of the symptoms of the disease. TUDCA.  A European study trial showed that the supplement, TUDCA, may  stop the progression of the disease. There is more information about this on the National ALS  Association Website. Theracurmin.  There is currently a trial being done to study the possibility that this supplement could reverse the disease.  More information can be found on the web at clinical

Inspirational Books: I have a large collection of inspirational books.  My new favorite is a children’s book, with a message for all ages.  The book is entitled, “The Invisible String,” by Patrice Karst. When two young children cannot get to sleep, their mother tells them about the invisible string. She says that the invisible string connects their hearts to hers and also to everyone they love. I plan to go to Sweet Reads today to buy this book for my sister, so she can read it to her class.

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Therapy Dogs: I have applied for a service dog. I am hoping to bring my new dog to my home by this November.  Dogs have always been an important part of my life and I know that having a dog again will be beneficial to my health.

A Grateful Heart: We all have days that are frustrating. When I have a day like this, I think of all the things that I am grateful for. One of the things that I’m grateful for are all the people who read this column. I am so motivated to keep writing the column because of your encouraging comments.   

Live In The Moment: We can’t wait for our lives to be problem free before we can experience joy.  We need to look for moments of joy in each day.