Austin cleared for city deer hunt

Published 5:46 pm Friday, August 6, 2021

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We’ve been notified by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources that we’re allowed to hold an archery deer hunt again this fall. This means that there will be bowhunters out in a number of the parks and several other parcels within the community beginning Oct. 16. This is four weeks later than the statewide Sept. 18 start, as we chose a later date to allow for extended public use of sites such as Jay C. Hormel Nature Center without hunters present. This generally works better for both the Nature Center, as well as the other sites, and the hunters.

The hunt isn’t open to just everyone who wishes to purchase a license and then hunt. Those interested must be a minimum of 18 years of age, must pass the proficiency test held at Cedar River Archery Club, must provide proof that they have passed the NBEF/Advanced Bowhunter Education course, and then they may submit an application. Those interested in participating in the hunt can email to for details regarding the proficiency test dates and times, the starting point for the application process.

Municipal Pool summer wrap-Up

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Aug. 13 is the day the Austin Municipal Pool will close for the season.

Some have asked, “Why so soon?” Our answer is because the majority of our lifeguards are high school students, many of whom return to practices for school sports the following Monday.

The splash pad will be open to the public for several weeks after Aug. 13 (at no charge), but there will continue to be admission charged through Aug. 13.      

Parks and flowers upkeep

It’s not been a challenge this summer, with ample heat and little rain, to keep up with mowing the grass in the city’s numerous parks. This is likely the case with most lawns in Austin, and probably much of the state.

The flowers, conversely, due to the number of days which have been at or above 90 degrees or windy (or both), have taken much attention, including 10-12 days of two shifts of watering the hanging flower baskets. These staff have been very flexible and accommodating this summer in meeting the watering needs of the flowers. Conditions and flowers permitting, we’ll continue with watering throughout the months of August and September.