Week in Review: Welcome back to Austin, Dr. Page

Published 6:30 am Saturday, July 17, 2021

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Dr. Joey Page, an Austin native has returned to the community and taken up the reins of Austin Public Schools as superintendent, taking over following the retirement of David Krenz.

Page has made good impressions in his first few days, appearing eager to continue the progress APS has made.

Inevitably, some things will be different, but that is always the case. Regardless, Page seems a natural fit for the position and brings with him a level of familiarity that will be good for the district.

Thumbs up: Minnesota, despite uptick in COVID cases, remains steady

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Earlier this week, 24-hour news source CNN reported that 45 states were seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases, warning the delta variant was continuing its march across the country. They included a map with a whole lot of states in an angry red, including Minnesota. While it’s important to recognize the continued threat of COVID-19 in America, it’s also important to realize that while cases are ticking upwards, there is nothing yet to indicate a coming surge. Key metrics like deaths and hospitalizations remain low in the state. Stay vigilant, but Minnesota is still doing well in the fight against COVID-19.

Thumbs up: Mower deputy honored

For another year, a local member of law enforcement was honored as one of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety – Office of Traffic Safety “DWI Patrol All-Stars.” Mower County Sheriff’s deputy Jamie Meyer made 54 DWI arrests in 2020. Not only is it nice to see a local member of law enforcement honored, but it also means that over 50 people were taken off the road for driving impaired, which in turn helped save lives. Congratulations Deputy Meyer!

Thumbs down: Keep goldfish out of lakes and streams

A goldfish the size of a football was recently taken from a Minnesota lake and is a reminder not to dump your pet fish in our lakes and streams.

Getting rid of your inch-long pet may not seem like much, but when these goldfish grow they can upset the balance in a body of water and in turn can be considered an invasive species.

Do the research and find somebody else to take care of your pet.