Page introduces entry plan leading up to school year

Published 5:48 pm Friday, July 16, 2021

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In the coming days, Dr. Joey Page is doing what he can to ensure not only a smooth transition to his new position as Austin Public Schools superintendent, but a connected transition.

Page has released his 90-day entry plan to the school board and district and will be pushing it out to parents in the district soon. The goal: get to know the district he will be working in.

“For me the entry plan is important because it helps research the perspective of the school district,” Page said. “I get to learn and understand the vision, the values, the goals and the beliefs. Put myself in a position to understand the community, school, students.”

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Throughout the plan, Page lays out a roadmap — a syllabus — to better ensure that everybody within the district is on the same page. It’s a method that has served him well in the past as he used it with his time in Byron.

However, the intention of Page is not only to ensure that the district from the school board down to students are on the same page. It’s also a chance to align with community concerns.

It’s an opportunity, Page explained, to build a rapport with the community around him.

“Through my leadership and experiences as a teacher, principal and superintendent, I’ve only been successful when building trust and honesty in the community,” Page said. “It leads to building positive experiences.”

Through the last half of the 23-page document, Page punctuates each goal with a “date completed” check. This is an opportunity to remain accountable to himself in the process and his meetings with the board. At the same time, he understands that largely it’s just a guide.

“Even after 90-100 days it doesn’t mean the learning stops,” Page explained. “It’s a challenge for the organization in transition. I know something can go faster and slower and some will take as long as they need to take.”

“I also, through the fall and into the new calendar year, update the board. This is where I am,” Page continued. “This is how I’m working through cultivating a positive relationship.”

Another key point in the plan is Page’s ensurance that the student voice is heard.

“Students are the ultimate stakeholders in what we do every day,” Page said. “It’s important to listen to them around two pieces: One is connecting and the other part is learning and then beginning to teach back through those interactions of who I am.”

People can currently view the 90 day entry plan on the school board page at:

The link will also be included on the superintendent’s page at as well as being sent out to parents at a later date.