Letter to the Editor: Cancel culture comes to Austin city council

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, July 14, 2021

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The recent removal of Dan Mueller from the Austin’s  Human Rights Commission raises serious questions. Many people, including myself, respect  Dan as a man of character and compassion. We admire his willingness to serve a wide variety of people and his efforts to help various ethnic groups feel at home in our city. Dan is widely respected in Mower County and his views are representative of a large number of local residents. So I find it ironic and disturbing that he has been driven out of the group that is meant to honor diversity in our city and protect the rights of  those who are not in the majority in any particular setting.  It doesn’t appear that this commission is truly committed to protect everyone’s rights. It also undermines confidence in the city council who supported this unprecedented action without even allowing Dan to speak for himself before a vote was taken.

We don’t all see eye to eye in Austin, but we need to stand up for one another’s dignity and right to be heard.

Dale Christiansen

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Austin, MN