Week in Review: Graduation that looks normal

Published 6:30 am Saturday, June 5, 2021

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Thumbs Up

It’s hard to put into words how nice it was to see seniors walking down aisles to get their diplomas this year. Area grads got what seniors last year were stripped of by the COVID-19 pandemic — a ceremony. Seniors and the schools that taught them showed amazing resilience this year and we’ll use the words of Pacelli senior Jayden Lewis to sum up the feeling.

“There has been a lot of adversity this last year,” Lewis said. “I’m beyond grateful that we could be here tonight.”

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We are too Jayden.

Thumbs Up: Non-profits under one roof

On Thursday it was announced that the Parenting Resource Center, along with the Welcome Center and Children’s Dental Health Services would be moving into a brand new building, with hopes of construction to begin this October. These three organizations play an important and vital part in this community with benefits sweeping out across many different areas. It makes us happy to know that the services offered by these organizations will be able to strengthen help in the community.

Thumbs Down: Legislature needs to step up

The simple fact is, the state legislature needs to get its act together. Earlier in the week it was announced that if an agreement is not reached on a $52 billion two-year budget before July 1, then some 38,000 state workers would start getting lay-off notices. This is not a Republican or Democrat problem. This is a Minnesota problem and workers could get the shaft because the legislature is more interested in pointing fingers than fixing problems. The state is receiving great news on the COVID front, now is not the time to start laying more people off.

Thumbs Up: Keep those numbers low

The next couple weeks will be pivotal as we wait to see the effects Memorial Day will have, but Minnesota COVID numbers are looking really good and that includes Mower County sitting at less than 10 active cases in the county. With the vaccine spreading out and more people become vaccinated, we can hopefully look forward again to the summer we want.

Thumbs Up: Show your support

Voting is now open for our Readers Choice Best of Mower County and we encourage you to check out www.austindailyherald.com and click on the “Contest” tab in the upper right hand corner. We all have our favorite mechanic, favorite restaurant, etc. Well now is the time to show your support by casting your vote.

Wait! Before you go, we’ve got something really important to tell you. One lucky participant will be chosen to win a $50 gift certificate in Chamber Bucks. There is a short registration to cast your first vote … but come on, $50 bucks could be yours so head on over to www.austindailyherald.com and cast your vote today.