Rep. Patricia Mueller: Special session has begun

Published 6:30 am Saturday, June 19, 2021

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We began our latest special session this week on Monday with very few deals struck to finalize funding for the state budget. Republicans continue fighting for the priorities of Minnesotans across the state, including ending the governor’s emergency powers, stopping health care costs from skyrocketing, and addressing crime in the Metro area.

We began debating bills on Thursday with the Commerce and Energy budget bill. Many provisions in this bill were added without any committee hearing or public vetting. Like the Commerce and Energy budget bill, the other budget bills were negotiated out of sight with only a few legislators in the room, and zero public input. This is not how the Legislature should conduct its business. It is important to give each bill the thorough vetting they deserve. I am appalled by the opacity of the process, and I will continue to fight for daylight on these budget bills that are so important to Minnesotans.

The time in between the end of session and the beginning of the special session have been busy. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to join many community events including city council meetings, school board meetings, and meetings with the Chamber of Commerce. It has been a privilege to listen to you. The highlight of the last month was attending most of our local graduations. It was inspiring to witness our local schools celebrate the accomplishments of the students and teachers during this incredibly difficult school year. As a teacher who also taught during the pandemic, I know how hard our school districts worked to provide quality education in a safe and effective way. We have an incredible community, and I absolutely love seeing everybody out and about in each town. Take time to enjoy the many festivals and events all around our community.

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Being involved in the community is the driving force behind my work in St. Paul. Each vote I take is weighed against the priorities of our community, and the thoughts and concerns of constituents. I would encourage you, if you have questions or thoughts about bills coming before the Legislature, to contact me. And if you see me out and about, please come say hi! I love meeting people in the district and hearing about their priorities.