Our opinion: Morgan Freeman did not say that

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, June 9, 2021

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No, Morgan Freeman did not say that and it doesn’t matter if you put his face next to it.

In recent years, people have been flocking to their social media pages for a variety of reasons that have them standing and defending that hill on a wide ranging array of topics, and yet we wonder why we still have problems?

It’s easy to look at America’s fractured state where finger pointing  is frequent, but doesn’t do much when the dam continues springing leaks. Too many have the answers it seems, but very little is being done to fix issues.

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Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have become the home to millions of philosophers, politicians and scientists ready to spread the answer to our numerous problems with the sharing of a meme. And we continue to ask, “why do our problems persist?”

It’s easy to share opinions at the click of a mouse, but it’s harder still to stand up with that same conviction to actually work for change.

Oftentimes, these posts, filled with righteous indignation but are backed with very little truth and far too much a lack of understanding. It’s understood at the base level to be against what “I” feel is right and so shareable.

Make no mistake, we believe in passion for a cause, the ability to march arm in arm toward something that will make our country stronger has been held up by such luminaries like Martin Luther King. But the sharing of a meme at the moment of irritation will not cut it, especially if we continue confusing opinion with fact.

We challenge you that if you have the passion, if you have this need to make America better, then put down the phone and stand-up. Take your cause to the people and advocate for change. Risk accountability and let others know that you are willing to stand on conviction to enact change. That has weight. Clint Eastwood is just a picture with some words next to it.

Take the time to learn before spreading that meme. Discover why you are making this stand and how to better carry it forward. There is no such thing as change by Facebook post. Change comes from talking, learning and compromise.

Bills aren’t passed by a meme. They are passed by hard work.