Our opinion: Lyle hosts a heck of a party

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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If you live in a larger community, it might be difficult to truly understand how important a town celebration can be. However, if you were in Lyle this weekend, then you could have seen firsthand how much it really does mean.

Lyle waited patiently for its 150th for two years, finally being able to celebrate this year over this past weekend. As we unfortunately have all become used to by now COVID-19 ruined last year’s attempt a 150th bash , but Lyle came together and clearly determined that this year’s party was going to make up for last year. Despite the rain Saturday, Facebook posts on the official Lyle 150th page showed people were still willing to come out. Reports from those on hand for the Saturday night concert, featuring native sons Six Mile Grove and main act IV Play, was an amazing draw with unanticipated numbers of people.

On Sunday, the town hosted a parade that stretched for an hour and then some, winding its way through Lyle in a marvelous celebration of town pride.

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Even though they had to wait a year, Lyle shows what a small town can do and what small town pride can lead to.

This will indeed be a party that people will tell stories about for years to come and we congratulate the town of Lyle for putting together a celebration that people can look to for inspiration.