Letter to the Editor: Renew the push to develop electric vehicles

Published 6:25 am Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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The truth of simplicity comes out through the building process of electric vehicles will soon be persuading drivers to consider buying one for greener travel in years to come. On the other side, complicated machines are within the conventional gas-guzzling vehicles that occupy most American roadways. For the positives, there are several benefits to owning an electric vehicle, such as less maintenance, financial credits, and no more gas stations to stop at. Lessening your carbon footprint is the longer advantage here. In time, the education and growing innovation of electric vehicles will grow and hopefully we can save our future and promote sustainable mobility through the electric vehicles that are not far off.

I strongly urge you to explore the innovations within the current transportation companies working to lessen their impact on the environment through their vehicles, transportation efforts and how this will impact our present and future of driving. To keep it simple, look into the benefits and drawbacks of owning an electric vehicle to the typical gas-dependent car you are utilizing for the various purposes needed in life. I believe you will be encouraged that saving money, less environmental damage, and composition of electric vehicle parts work smarter, not harder, than the majority of vehicles in America. Europe proves to be a great example for us to see how greatly their countries are working to become more stewardly in how they are using transportation services. Keep it simple and consider electric driving!

What we can do to move the electric vehicle movement forward is to contact our department of transportation, write letters to our leaders in Washington about building charging stations, look up electric cars through the vehicle companies that you know, and also researching by asking questions of your neighbors and people who are involved in the Clean Car Standards to Minnesota campaign. Communication is the biggest effort we can make to move the green future into our present-day lives and how integrated transportation can be the shifting force to all people to approach a cleaner environment and global world. Commit to our part to promote the electric vehicle infrastructure!

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Anna Gosling

Winona, MN