Kevin Nelson: Swimming pool processes and protocol

Published 5:36 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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It’s been a great first week for re-opening at the Municipal Swimming Pool. The hot weather has added to the enthusiasm of pool-goers, and yes, there have been a few hiccups along the way.

I spoke last week regarding some of the mechanical issues. There have been others, but most have now been repaired and all are operational.

Waiting in line to be able to enjoy any event or attraction is rarely pleasant. Think of Valley Fair, Disneyworld, etc. We haven’t a ‘Fast Pass’ system in place, but once the number of people who have purchased season passes increases to 50 percent or more of our regular traffic flow, admissions will become much more efficient. We did have one returning concessions worker; that helps. Just over half of our lifeguards have one or more years of experience at the Municipal Pool. This also aids in the process of running the pool.

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Still, we can use the public’s help in keeping our pools efficient, plus clean and safe. The following two items are of great importance in this process:

1. Please note that the only flotation devices which are allowed for use at the Municipal Pool are those which are both wearable and U.S. Coast Guard-approved. They must be both, not one or the other; no exceptions. There will be a clearly defined label on all such wearable devices.

2. Please keep food at the pool contained within the concessions area. This will aid in keeping the pool deck and water clean, and it will aid in keeping trash/wrappers from  getting into the pool skimmers and mechanical system. Thank you!

It’s been warm all the way around. Make certain to keep your kiddos, elderly friends/relatives, and yourselves hydrated (with plenty of water and/or electrolyte-replacing sports drinks) when participating in or even spectating at outdoor activities and events!