Rocky Hulne: Raining in life lessons

Published 5:04 pm Friday, May 21, 2021

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Hard rain was falling in Austin on Tuesday, but spirits were not dampened as area athletes took to the field and competed like it was business as usual.

At Larry Gilbertson Track and Field, athletes hid under umbrellas, covering themselves in sweatpants and hoodies between events to avoid getting drenched. At one point the rain was falling sideways and visibility was limited to peeking between long blinks.

The athletes didn’t whine or complain, they drove on and they did their best. Even those who were between events, found a way to shout out and cheer on their teammates.

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As I stood on the turf of Wescott and my shoes began to flood, I couldn’t help but picture a metaphor for life. Things sometimes come our way that are less than pleasant or downright heartbreaking. There is no amount of complaining or ranting that will get us around these obstacles.

We must simply put our heads down and get through it. Sports teaches these kids lessons like that at an early age, which is one of the countless reasons I still love sports.

Just remember that when the rain falls, don’t fall with it. Instead, rise above and find the sunlight behind the clouds.