Elward of Hayfield wins two features at Chateau

Published 8:09 am Monday, May 17, 2021

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With a chance of rain in the forecast for much of the week the question was whether or not Chateau Speedway would like at an early rain out on their schedule. But Mother Nature cooperated and The Track officials did a good job of preparing a fast track with plenty of hot action all night long.

Leading the way in Victory Lane was Zach Elward of Hayfield who double dipped in the features taking home top honors in both the Adams Graphix WISSOTA Street Stocks and the USRA B Mod Main Events. After coming out of the second row to take the Street Stock Feature he benefited from a front row spot in the B Mod Feature. He also took one of two heats in the Streets with the other heat going to Kory Adams of Stacyville Iowa. In B Mods heat winners were a pair of Austin drivers Garitt Wytaske and Noah Grinstead.

Several drivers made it took weeks in a row for feature wins. For the second week in a row Andrew Eischens of Taopi took top honors in the Power 96 Pure Stock Feature.  Heats belonged to Kyle Kotek of Owatonna and Mike Wick of Faribault. In Action Builders WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds it was a second straight feature win for Kadden Kath of Owatonna. Kath also had a heat win along with Greg Pfeifer JR of Austin. 

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French’s Repair USRA Modifieds

A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 4A-Joel Alberts-Mantorville[1]; 2. 90-Ryan Wetzstein-West Concord[3]; 3. 71-Jason Cummins-New Richland[4]; 4. 83-Kylie Kath-Claremont[8]; 5. 55H-Aaron Hoff-Mantorville [10]; 6. 72-Doug Hillson-Blooming Prairie[2]; 7. 51-Chris Oertel-Marshfield WI[12]; 8. 74-Mark Noble-Blooming Prairie[6]; 9. 77-Jacob Stark-Austin[7]; 10. (DNF) 23-Darwin Karau-Rochester [5]; 11. (DNF) 70-Greg Jensen-Albert Lea [11]; 12. (DNF) 15-Chris Loberg-Elma IA[9]


A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 15-Zach Elward-Hayfield[1]; 2. 22C-Michael Johnson-Austin [9]; 3. 35JR-Garitt Wytaske-Austin [6]; 4. 99-Noah Grinstead-Austin[7]; 5. 33S-Dustin Steinbrink-Austin[2]; 6. 45-Cole Lonergan-Dexter[4]; 7. 25-Zach Nelson-Owatonna[11]; 8. 83R-Kullen Kath-Owatonna[3]; 9. 81K-Caleb Korpi-Claremont[13]; 10. 33-Corbin Ludemann-Grand Meadow[15]; 11. (DNF) 14M-Mike Orozco-Mason City IA[14]; 12. (DNF) 44-Matthew Brooks-Austin[10]; 13. (DNF) 28J-Jackson Hale-Grand Meadow [16]; 14. (DNF) 36K-Jayden Larson-Mankato[8]; 15. (DNF) 83-Braeden Allen-Ostrander[12]; 16. (DNF) 51-Shawn Evans-Kenyon[5]

Power 96 WISSOTA Pure Stock

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 7X-Andrew Eischens-Taopi[7]; 2. 31S-Jack Maas-Faribault[4]; 3. 17-Michael Wick-Faribault[5]; 4. 26-Brady Krohnberg-Walters[6]; 5. 96-Kyndra Guttormson-Chatfield[9]; 6. 08-Kyle Kotek-Owatonna[2]; 7. 1-Troy Maas-Faribault[8]; 8. 00-Bobby Crews-Austin[1]; 9. 33-Jim Briggs-Waseca[3]; 10. 31-Raey Hastings IV-Austin[10]; 11. 44-Trey Hoppe-New Richland[11]

Adams Graphix WISSOTA Street Stock

A Feature 1 (18 Laps): 1. 15-Zach Elward-Hayfield[4]; 2. 34JR-Braden Brauer-Eyota[6]; 3. 01-Kory Adams-Stacyville IA[5]; 4. 32-Jason Newkirk-Austin[3]; 5. 16K-Kevin Vogt-Rose Creek[9]; 6. 46-Stacy Krohnberg-Walters[8]; 7. 42-Cody Hyatt-Waseca[10]; 8. 147-Brent Holland-Glenville[11]; 9. (DNF) 99-Greg Lammers-Owatonna[1]; 10. (DNF) KOL34-Kolton Brauer-Eyota[12]; 11. (DNF) 101-Ken Adams-Stacyville iA[2]; 12. (DNF) 36-Ross Spitzer-Blooming Prairie[7]

Brauer Roofing WISSOTA Super Stock

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 22-Dan Nissalke-Winonna[3]; 2. 0-Brandon Duellman-Winona[4]; 3. 7E-Neil Eckhart-Rochester[5]; 4. 34-Jeff Brauer-Eyota[1]; 5. 28S-Spencer Stock-Racine[6]; 6. 71-Brandon Clemens-Lakeville[7]; 7. 17-Harland Morehart-Rochester[8]; 8. (DNF) Z29-Anthony (AJ) Zvorak-Blooming Prairie[2]

Skjeveland Ent/Owatonna Sanitation/Claremont Recycling WISSOTA Hornet

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 19X-Jerry Coopman-Mankato[8]; 2. 14-Justin Schelitzche-Watertown[20]; 3. 21S-Brian Schott-Mazeppa[6]; 4. 20T-Troy Tuma-Owatonna[2]; 5. 02-Bryce Lisowski-Faribault[7]; 6. 20K-Zach Korpi-Claremont [4]; 7. 5-Nick Sillman-Janesville[13]; 8. 5L-Luke Geisler-Richfield[12]; 9. 89-Timothy Gores-Garden City[15]; 10. 16M-Matt Wieman-Owatonna[10]; 11. 29-Tommie Tesch-Waseca[14]; 12. 3D-Daniel Bjonfald-Bloomington[18]; 13. (DNF) 19-Robert Schmidt-Owatonna[1]; 14. (DNF) 21-Brandon Downs-Brownsdale[9]; 15. (DNF) 97X-Josh Winsky-Rochester[3]; 16. (DNF) 511-Shawn Poston-Red Wing[5]; 17. (DNF) 511JR-Maison Poston-Red Wing[11]; 18. (DNF) 16X-Carter Magedanz-Faribault[16]; 19. (DNS) 6-Timothy Barnett-Owatonna; 20. (DNS) 86-Victor Van-Faribault

Action Builders WISSOTA Midwest Mods

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 83X-Kadden Kath-Owatonna[7]; 2. 24M-Adam Martinson-Blaine[1]; 3. G12-Ryan Goergen-Stacyville IA[4]; 4. 83K-Kobie Kath-Owatonna[3]; 5. RED1-Dan Wheeler-Savage[6]; 6. 98D-Christopher Deno-Kasson[8]; 7. 00JR-Greg Pfeifer Jr-Austin[5]; 8. 1M-Josh Mattick-Rose Creek[12]; 9. 79-Jeremy Misgen-New Richland[14]; 10. 38-Kenny Wytaske-Austin[10]; 11. 5-Tyler McFarland-New Richland[9]; 12. 44Z-Anton Nelson-Hayfield [16]; 13. 79H-Luke Hainka-Wannamingo[11]; 14. 20-Joe Frahm-Stewartville [2]; 15. 69-Gary Wilde-Austin[17]; 16. 33-Darryl Hainka-Wannamingo[13]; 17. 86-Noel Hoppe-New Richland [15]