Holly Johnson: Celebrating 10 years of food

Published 6:30 am Saturday, April 3, 2021

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The countdown is on!  In five weeks the Hormel Historic Home will pay tribute to the food, music, and fun that has been had at the annual Foodie Throwdown fundraising event.  This is the 10th year of the event and despite all the challenges in the world, or maybe in spite of them, we are going to celebrate the milestone. During the week of May 10, seven events will feature food and music and will honor some of the past chef participants.

The Foodie Throwdown is an important event for the organization as it provides necessary funding to support our mission.  In nine years the events have raised nearly $70,000, which for a nonprofit organization of our size, has made a big impact.  In addition to the funds raised through these occasions, we are serving the wishes of George and Lillian Hormel.

George said in 1927 about leaving the home he and his wife loved, “…by the time we were ready to leave it, much of Austin’s as well as our own personal history was associated with the fine old pioneer landmark.  Since people had been coming together for a long time under the hospitality of its sheltering roof, my wife and I decided that it should continue in use as a place for social gatherings in the community.”           

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The 10th Anniversary Foodie Throwdown Tribute Week from May 10-15 will certainly bring people together (with covid restrictions in place) for fun social gatherings.  We will also be collecting food donations for the Salvation Army throughout this special week.

On Monday, May 10, guests will learn about Rationing and Victory Gardens during the great world wars at the History Happy Hour event.

Tacos and tequila are the theme for the event on Tuesday, May 11.

In my opinion Wednesday’s are for wine-ing, so we will feature a wine tasting event on May 12.

Thursday, May 13, will feature two events.  At noon, card and game players can bring their game and their group for a luncheon and game day in memory of Anita Ulwelling.  In the evening you will want to join us for beer, brats, and polka.

The Bartender Contest is being resurrected on Friday, May 14, with some alterations.

The final event will be a dinner and a show event on Saturday, May 15, featuring a Johnny Cash Tribute group.

Now the official language: The HHH is still under strict capacity restrictions so tickets will be limited, masks will be required, and guests will be asked to comply with our seating guidelines.  If the weather is favorable, we will host the events outdoors, but we will adjust to indoor as need be.  All tickets must be purchased online or by calling the HHH office.

Hope you will help us celebrate and raise funds at the same time!

History Happy Hour- History of Baseball’s Southern Minny League 1950-1953

6 p.m., Monday, April 12

Presented by Paul Spyhalski in person and on Zoom

Free for members of the HHH, Mower County Historical Society and Friends of the Library.  $5 for non-members.