FFA Spotlight: Co-Leader Kim Schechinger

Published 6:24 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Hello! I am Kim Schechinger, co-leader for Austin FFA!

I grew up in Northwood, Iowa, and graduated from Northwood-Kensett Community School District. With never growing up on a farm, FFA was a foreign language to me; and something in my younger years that was meant for “farm kids” and not the “city folk.” Therefore, I did not get the pleasure of experiencing what FFA had to offer. That all changed when I married my husband Joe 27 years ago and married into the farming way of life. Trust me, I got the quick lesson in agriculture.

FFA was not a part of my life until my daughters became members while attending Austin High School. Our oldest daughter Kayline was one of the first members to participate in FFA when it was reintroduced into the school system eight years ago. Like anything that is new, not all the aspects that FFA could offer were worked out before she graduated and she did not experience all that it had to offer.

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But, that all changed as we watched our youngest daughter Kristine participate all four years in High School. Not only was she active in her school’s FFA chapter but she also was a Region 8 Officer, which showed us a different level offered through FFA. So, many of my FFA in’s and out’s were learned from their experiences.

I currently work at Southgate Elementary as a paraprofessional. My day is pretty much centered around third and fourth graders assisting in Math and Written Language. When the opportunity arose that the district was looking for a FFA Leader, I saw an opportunity to feed my soul and follow a passion that I have grown to love — working with kids. And who wouldn’t want to work with young adults,  especially in the FFA area? After seeing how much FFA benefitted my daughters, I knew this was something that I would like to challenge myself with. And to my surprise was offered the position of Co-Leader working alongside of Nick Schiltz – new Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor at Austin High School.

In our short eight months, we have achieved and learned so much. I am truly blessed to be involved with Austin’s FFA Chapter.

Austin Ag Ed/FFA Advisors/Leaders:  Kim Schechinger and Nick Schiltz. Follow the Austin Ag Ed/FFA program on Facebook by ‘liking’ the Austin FFA page. Visit the Austin FFA webpage at www.austinffa.theaet.com.