Letter to the Editor: Rep. Mueller’s statement a disappointing false flag

Published 6:30 am Saturday, March 6, 2021

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State Rep. Patricia Mueller released a statement to her Facebook page on March 1 regarding the state’s economic forecast for the 2022-2023 biennium. In her statement, Rep. Mueller said, “…it is shocking that Governor Walz continues to push for massive tax hikes on Minnesotans at every income level.”

Rep. Mueller’s statement is absolutely false. According to an article published by the Pioneer Press and a press release posted to the Minnesota House of Representatives page, both dated Jan. 26, 2021, Gov. Walz proposes a tax hike on the top income earners in Minnesota, which includes married couples making more than $1 million per year and single earners netting $500,000 per year. These earnings represent the top approximately 0.7 percent of incomes in Minnesota. In addition, Walz is seeking to provide rebates, credits, and tax cuts to working Minnesotans to help them recover from the pandemic.

I am disappointed Rep. Mueller chose to spread false information less than two months into her first term. It is clear that Walz is not planning a massive income tax increase on “Minnesotans at every income level,” as she stated. After spreading such a false narrative, I can’t trust her word going forward or that she will represent this district appropriately in St. Paul. Her dishonesty compromises her leadership ability.

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Catherine Haslag

Austin, MN