Letter to the Editor: Mueller needs to do more than make blanket statements

Published 6:30 am Saturday, March 20, 2021

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The author of the letter to the editor that appeared in the March 13, 2021, edition of the Herald said that I missed Representative Mueller’s point when she stated “…it is shocking that Governor Walz continues to push for massive tax hikes on Minnesotans at every income level.”

I questioned Rep. Mueller about her statement prior to writing my previous letter to the editor and received a long and detailed response from her similar to that offered in the letter to the editor dated March 13.  Mueller’s original statement regarding Walz’s “massive tax hikes…at every income level” in no way reflects the explanation she provided to me.  Mueller’s statement leads readers to believe that Gov. Walz plans to increase income taxes on all Minnesotans, which is not the truth. If Mueller wishes to explain the nuances of taxes to her constituents, then she should do that and not make simplified, blanket statements that communicate something that is factually incorrect. We deserve a representative who is going to mean what they say and say what they mean. Mueller’s statement in no way demonstrates that she says what she means.

Rep. Mueller also doesn’t mean what she says. She stated in an article that was printed in the Austin Daily Herald on March 3, 2021, that “nothing is more important than being accountable and accessible to you.”  The “you” in this article referred to her constituents.  I respectfully asked Rep. Mueller 11 questions on her official House of Representative’s Facebook page between March 8 and 12, all of which were relevant to the content that she shared. None of my questions have been answered by her as of the writing of this letter (March 18).  Rep. Mueller may say that “nothing is more important than being accountable and accessible…” to her constituents, but her lack of response to this constituent’s questions does not demonstrate this value. Her actions do not show that she means what she says.

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Another false narrative from Rep. Mueller. We deserve better in our representation in St. Paul.

Catherine Haslag

Austin, MN