Our opinion: Online journalism plays a vital role

Published 6:30 am Saturday, February 27, 2021

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The Herald is in the middle of our first online contest set up to reward readers near and far with the opportunity to win a free digital subscription to our website.

The contest runs through March 15, and a different winner is selected each week.

Our first winner was Sheila Pitzen, and we will announce the second winner soon.

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We are giving away these subscriptions to show our readers the value of our digital product.

Whether you’re living in cold Austin, sunny Arizona, vacationing in Florida or somewhere else across the globe, you can always check out what’s going on close to home through the Herald’s website.

While the print edition comes out two days a week, the website is updated around the clock seven days a week and includes news as it happens.

The website also includes more stories from across the state and nation than you would find in the print edition.

As time goes on and people have adapted to a 24/7 news environment, the site has become vital.

We hope you will consider checking out this option if you haven’t in the past

The digital subscription, which includes unlimited access to the website, also includes access to our E-edition — which gives readers a digital replica of the print edition of the paper online. It’s essentially like you’re looking at the print copy of the paper — but on your computer, iPad or mobile device.

The cost is only $1 more a month if you are already a print subscriber or $6 a month if you only subscribe digitally.

Remember, subscription costs go to support the high cost of running a robust website, as well as our local journalists, who bring you the stories about news happening in our own community.

If you’re not a digital subscriber yet, give it a try. Enter into the contest through www.austindailyherald.com and click on the “Contest” tab.