Letter: Trump, Republicans continue pushing lies

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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Thank you for your well thought out  “Lessons learned?” editorial in Saturday’s paper.   You’re to be commended for saying it:  the Trump fiasco and the insurrection at the Capitol are built on a base of lie upon lie.

Almost all Republicans in Congress  enable and encourage the lies.  One of the most consistent enablers is our  Rep. Jim Hagedorn.  Just hours after the rioters were cleared from the building, he voted to enable the lies and throw out the results of our free and fair election.  Does he believe the lies or is he just doing what he figures will get him two more years and the heck with the truth?  I guess it doesn’t matter.   

There won’t be a Trump in office to enable after the 20th.  What’s important is that we  remember  all of this in November 2022 and vote him out.

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Peter Mattson

Austin, MN