Letter: Hagedorn fails to uphold American values

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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Jim Hagedorn serves his second term as the congressman for Minnesota’s first district and while doing so, falls short of his oath to defend the Constitution that upholds our American values. Rep. Hagedorn voted to overturn the results of an election that we, the people of the United States, voted for. His actions are a threat to our democracy, undermine our electoral system, and promote insurrection like that witnessed on Capitol Hill.

Hagedorn’s aspirations to overturn this fair election demonstrate a deep, nationwide political divide along party lines that must cease. His support of the false claims that the November presidential elections were “corrupt” incite mob-like violence; violence like that seen on Capitol Hill. That violence did not appear out of thin air; it was incited by lies supported by our very own representative. The United States has long been regarded as a beacon of democracy, but actions like this put our values and international respectability at risk. Representatives swear to represent all their constituents -— regardless of political affiliation -— and swear to uphold the values of our Constitution. Jim Hagedorn falls short of both of these things. We need a representative that honors our Constitution at all times, not when it is convenient for their personal agendas.

Daisy Hernandez

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Austin, MN