Hormel announces environmental challenge

Published 6:30 am Saturday, January 30, 2021

Hormel Foods Corporation has announced a new set of leading environmental sustainability goals, which are part of the company’s 20 By 30 Challenge.

In continuing with its corporate responsibility leadership, the company will strive to achieve 20 corporate responsibility goals by 2030 and will report its progress annually. The company’s new goals follow its previous set of sustainability goals in which the company achieved significant reductions in its packaging, nonrenewable energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and solid waste sent to landfills.

“For nearly 130 years, Hormel Foods has continued to showcase it’s citizenship and stewardship by using its size and resources to make a difference. From sustainable packaging initiatives to water and energy stewardship, our global team of inspired people is committed to making lasting and measurable progress in protecting our natural resources,” said Jim Snee, chairman of the board, president and chief executive office of Hormel Foods. “We know that good business and good stewardship go hand in hand, and these goals are designed to enable improvements that will ultimately make our food supply better for us all.”

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The company’s new environmental sustainability goals include:

• Matching 100 percent of its global energy use with renewable sourcing.

• Establishing important science based greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets by 2023.

•Taking action across its supply chain to improve water quality, including the support of regenerative agriculture initiatives.

“Our worldwide team of professionals and supply chain partners are ready to step up to the challenge to help us achieve these important sustainability goals,” said Mark Coffey, senior vice president of supply chain and manufacturing. “Together, we will deliver results that will make a significant contribution toward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improvement of water quality and the continued advancement of sustainable agriculture practices in our supply chain.”

Hormel Foods will release additional goals that are part of its 20 By 30 Challenge in future announcements, which will include goals surrounding education, community support and food security. More information about the company’s efforts can be found at https://csr.hormelfoods.com/ and https://www.hormelfoods.com/responsibility/.